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Animal Trapping & Removal

WEBBCON Wildlife Removal provides trapping services for most nuisance wildlife. We use the most humane traps possible and employ trapping methods that are within the legal guidelines set forth by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources (DNR). After listening to the customer’s input and conducting a thorough inspection in and around your home and property our technicians will identify the animal specie that is causing the nuisance and determine the best trapping method to humanely capture it. Most of our trapping methods utilize baited live animal cages that are strategically placed to ensure the best results.

Live animal trapping does take time, sometimes weeks. Most of the time there is more than one animal that has invaded your home or office. Once the animal is safely trapped it can be removed from your property and relocated to a suitable environment away from population. In some situations the animal can be released on your property. However, if this is the case proper exclusion work must be done to your home or office to ensure the animal can not regain access back into your home causing further damage and expense.

After we have removed all the animals we will monitor your property for three (3) to five (5) days to ensure all have been captured. After all animals have been removed WEBBCON Wildlife Removal will block off (exclude) the one primary entry point that the animal has been using to gain access into the structure. This bonus exclusion is something that WEBBCON Wildlife Removal does as a courtesy for our customers at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE.

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