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As the human population in Georgia grows, so do the conflicts between us and wildlife. Most wildlife are harmless to humans. It is when they move into our homes, offices, barns, sheds, and yards that they begin to cause problems for us. They create damage, spread disease, make messes and annoy us in the quiet of our homes. At WEBBCON Wildlife Removal, we pride ourselves in using the most humane wildlife control practices available. Whether it is squirrels, bats, raccoons or opossums in the attic; armadillos, moles or chipmunks burrowing in the yard; honey bees in the walls; wasp or hornet nests in the trees; rats or mice in the house; skunks and snakes around the home; or birds nesting on the house we charge a preset competitive price that will not increase no matter how complicated your job may become. We will promptly respond and remain committed to your wildlife needs until your problem has been resolved, no matter how long it may take. We can remove most types of nuisance wildlife and take appropriate measures to keep them from invading your home, office, or property ever again or even in the first place.

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WEBBCON Wildlife Removal provides removal of most wildlife by use of humane traps, catch tools, and hand. In some cases hand removal will be the most humane and practical method of removal, while in other cases leaving traps set for several days would be necessary. The best method for removal will be determined at the time of initial inspection. We are happy to offer all of our customers the following wildlife removal services:

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