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Well, the season is upon us once again. Our squirrel removal Fayetteville calls have started back up. Squirrels and other critters are finding their way back into their winter homes, our attics. Grey Squirrels have already begun to have their fall litters of young. Squirrels desire warm, safe places to have and raise their babies and our attics provide just what they are looking for.  Believe it or not the rooflines of our homes are not sealed off all that well. Yes, your roof may be weather tight. Rain and such won’t get in but there are plenty of gaps underneath the edges of shingles, behind gutters, gable vents and at the various eave/roofline  joints that we have on our houses. Squirrels will use tree branches, tall bushes and even the walls of our houses to gain access onto the roof. Once they are there they will find these gaps. If the gap is too small for them to freely get into the attic they will spend the few minutes it takes to quickly chew the gap big enough to waltz right in.  Squirrels in an attic can cause many different problems. They will obviously make lots of noise as they run around and explore. After all, isn’t that how you discover your squirrel problem? Squirrels are rodents and rodents chew stuff. They have to. They chew on things in order to file their teeth down and keep them from growing out of their heads. They will chew the wood rafters, A/C and water pipes, and even electrical wires. None of which are good and can cause serious and costly problems for home owners. Other problems with squirrels living in your attic are where they choose to go to the bathroom… everywhere. Gross!!!


The picture I provided in this post is from one of our Fayetteville squirrel removal jobs. This squirrel was trapped on the roof just outside the squirrel’s entry point. You can also see one of the gaps I talked about earlier in this post. The gap where the eave (or soffit) meets the roof shingles. That was this squirrel’s door to the attic. Very common on a lot of homes. We could not get to where the squirrels were in this attic so we had to climb onto the roof and place baited traps there. Sometimes this method is best with squirrel removal. It is important to get the traps as close to where the squirrels are. This makes the process much easier and fast. If the traps aren’t placed close to the squirrel’s activity is then you just may not get them at all.


baby squirrel

Baby squirrel hand removed from attic. WEBBCON Wildlife Removal, 770-560-4679

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