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One of our Peachtree City pest control customs were having issues with seeing roaches in their home. They had made several attempts to resolve the problem themselves. They tried household pesticide sprays, traps, roach baits, and more. Nothing seemed to be working. They spent a lot of money and even more time trying to control their bug problem themselves. By the time we received a call from them they were pretty frustrated with the problem. They were looking to us for help, and fast. When we arrived at their home we took the time to listen to them and their concerns. Afterwards, we asked several questions that would help us in developing the best pest control method for their individual roach problem. As we looked around the house we started to see things that indicated where the roach problem was coming from. Everything was pointing to their attic, a common place we find roaches. Many types of roaches will live and breed in attics and spread from there into the living space of the house where the homeowners start to see them. Taking the time to figure out where the problem was coming from made it so much easier and quicker to resolve. Not every bug problem will take us into the attic, the crawl space, etc. Some lead us into the wall voids or outside.


The picture here is of one of the many roaches we found in this Peachtree City customer’s attic. He is dead now, along with all his friends. We continue to provide pest control service to this customer. We revisit their home every 90 days and provide the necessary pest control treatment to keep all their bug away.


Currently we are waiving our additional $25 initial service fee and also offering an additional savings of $25 off your first quarterly treatment for new customers when you sign up for our annual pest control service plan. So, no matter if you are having a current bug problem that we need to deal with or you are just looking to start up pest control services, you save $50 right off the top. All you have to do is mention that you saw this discount offered on our website to save. And please, ask for it. We are happy to have you as a new customer.


If you are looking for the most professional, friendly, cost effective pest control company that services Peachtree City and all surrounding areas please give us a call today at 770-560-4679. View the rest of our website to see what all we can do for you. We can also handle your wildlife pest problems too. Find us on Facebook and see other posts, pictures and videos.


If you are in Peachtree City, Fayetteville, Newnan, Senoia or surrounding areas and are in need of bug control or wildlife removal please call WEBBCON Pest Control and Wildlife Removal today at 770-560-4679

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