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Peachtree City Flying Squirrel Removal

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Looking for professional Peachtree City flying squirrel removal? Are you hearing noises in your attic throughout the night? Well then, it may be flying squirrels keeping you up. Flying squirrels are nocturnal animals and become very active at night. During the evening hours flying squirrels will begin to make their way outside to forage and glide through the tree tops. We don’t often see flying squirrels outside but they are here in Peachtree City. Matter of fact, we trap more flying squirrels on average each year than we do grey squirrels. It is very common for us to trap over 20 flying squirrels in a single attic.

Flying squirrels are rodents and rodent chew on everything. Just like mice, rats and grey squirrels, flying squirrels commonly chew electrical wiring in attics. This can be a fire hazard to homeowners.  Flying squirrels will destroy attic insulation. They will remove insulation from one area of the attic and move it to a suitable nesting area for them. Flying squirrels will also leave their droppings and urine throughout the attic.

One of our favorite nuisance wildlife trapping jobs is flying squirrel removals. They are cute, yet they can offer us a real challenge in figuring out how they got in. And we like a challenge. Flying squirrels can enter our attics through some of the most difficult areas on our roofs for us to reach. Yes, at times they use the common gaps and cracks to get inside, but frequently they discover some very difficult to access areas to gain entry into an attic, even gaps at the tops of chimneys. Once they discover these gaps (or chew their own) they have full access to the entire attic. It is common for us to get calls after customers find a flying squirrel inside the living quarters of their home. As they explorer new areas of the attic to go they will sometimes find their way into the house. Here they can get confused as they try to find their way back out.

This photo is of a flying squirrel we trapped and relocated from a Peachtree City customer’s attic. It was taken just before it was released it back into the wild far away from population where he can live a long free life.

How can WEBBCON Wildlife Removal help you with your Peachtree City Flying Squirrel Removal?

We offer affordable and humane Peachtree City flying squirrel removal as well as all surrounds cities. We provide FREE INSPECTIONS prior to all our Peachtree City flying squirrel removal jobs. We will determine how the flying squirrels have gained access into your attic, trap and remove all the flying squirrels living in your attic then seal off the one (1) main entry point they are using. All this is included at the standard price of all our flying squirrel removal jobs. Afterwards, we will conduct a complete and free inspection of your home. We will letting you know of any other potential weak spots that could allow for re-infestation of flying squirrels in the future. Once we have performed exclusion work on your home or business we back it for a full two (2) years. That means if the flying squirrels get past the work we have performed we will return, removal the flying squirrels and reseal our work that they have breached. This is at NO COST TO YOU.

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Animals We Specialize In

WEBBCON Wildlife Removal provides removal of most wildlife by use of humane traps, catch tools, and hand. In some cases hand removal will be the most humane and practical method of removal, while in other cases leaving traps set for several days would be necessary. The best method for removal will be determined at the time of initial inspection. We are happy to offer all of our customers the following wildlife removal services:

Armadillo Removal
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Squirrel Removal

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We provide Peachtree City Flying Squirrel Removal  and in all surrounding cities to include: Senoia, Fayetteville, Newnan, Sharpsburg, Tyrone, Union City, College Park, Jonesboro, McDonough, Hampton, Love Joy, Griffin, Lagrange and all surrounding areas. Call us TODAY at 770-560-4679 and let us start working for you.






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