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Squirrels in your attic?

Calls for squirrel removal is the number one squirrel problem WEBBCON Wildlife Removal encounters. Homeowners are often faced with the challenges of having squirrels take up residence in their attics. Complaints about squirrels range from hearing noises coming from the attic, chewed holes in soffits and eaves, to chewed electrical wires. Whether you are in Peachtree City, Fayetteville, Newnan, Senoia, Sharpsburg, Moreland or surrounding south metro areas we are more than happy to serve you. WEBBCON Wildlife Removal can quickly trap and take away squirrels from your home. Once we have your home free of squirrels we can identify any areas that could allow future squirrels access back in. From there we can take the necessary measures to block squirrels out for good. During our inspection of your attic we will also be looking for any chewed electrical wires that may be a potential fire hazard and any soiled or damaged insulation.

Grey Squirrels & Flying Squirrels

Grey Squirrels give birth twice each year. Once in the spring and again in the fall. They become active during the day and can be heard running and playing around in your attic from early morning to evenings. Flying Squirrels are primarily nocturnal. They become very active at night and can be heard running around in your attic starting in the late evening and all through the night. Both flying squirrels and grey squirrels commonly take up residence in attics, sheds, and barns, especially during times of raising young. Their sharp teeth are constantly growing and they regularly chew on things to keep them filed down. Inside the walls and attics of your home or office they will chew electrical wires  and computer cables causing significant damage and posing a fire hazards. Their nests can block vent fans in attics which can also create a fire risk. Squirrels can trample attic insulation greatly reducing energy efficiency.  Their urine and feces can contaminate the home. Sometimes squirrels can find their way into the living quarters of your house, office, or warehouse where they become frightened and confused causing damage as they try to find a way back out.

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