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Rat removal and trapping can be very difficult. It is a nasty job to undertake. Rats leave urine and feces everywhere they go. And where rats go we have to go to trap and remove them. Finding and blocking off all potential access points into your home of office in key in successful rat elimination. Rats reproduce at a high rate and more will continue to come as the trapping goes on. So, blocking out other rats during the trapping process will almost always be necessary.

Of the many varieties of rats only two kinds generally live amongst people: the Norway Rat and Roof Rat.  Rats are carriers of diseases and can spoil stored food.  They will soil the area with their droppings and urine.

Rats and mice chew electrical wires posing a significant fire hazard.  Rats and mice leave an unpleasant odor and are mostly nocturnal, often living undetected in your home for  long periods of time. They even take up residence with the best of us.  If you see one, you can count on the fact that there are many more that you don’t see.   Modifying their habitat and making it a less desirable living location by keeping clutter from building up is one step in eliminating them from your home or office.  Numerous traps and exclusion work in and around your home or buildings are needed in order to eliminate rodents and greatly minimize their return.  It can take several weeks to solve a rodent problem.

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