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Opossum Removal, Damage, Disease, Habits

Opossums are North American’s only marsupial and give birth to an average of 8 young at a time. They commonly raid gardens, bird feeders, pet food, garbage, and chicken coops where they consume eggs and kill chickens. They sometimes den in attics and garages and will make a mess of these areas, not to mention their foul odor they can leave behind. Parasites found in their feces can contaminate water, feed, and hay for livestock which can transmit the disease Equine Protozoal Myelitis to horses. This disease causes lameness by affecting the nervous system. Opossums can transmit mange and in rare cases rabies to humans.

Opossums can be attracted into traps using a variety of baits. After all they are considered to be the earth’s garbage disposals. Once you have an understanding of their habits opossum removal can be quick and successful. Call us today for all you opossum removal needs.

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