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Armadillo Removal, trapping and their Damage

Armadillo Removal and trapping can be challenging but it is possible. To trap and remove these nuisance animals you will need to have an understanding of their habits and be able to identify their damage. WEBBCON Wildlife Removal have been successfully trapping and remove armadillos for our customers for years.  Once armadillos have been trapped it is recommended that they be relocated back into the wild at least ten miles away from the location where they have been trapped.  Armadillos usually give birth in the spring to up to four identical babies formed from a single fertilized egg. As the young grow and follow mom around to feed they can seriously damage lawns while digging for worms and grubs. Armadillos regularly dig numerous borrows in their area. Frequently armadillos dig large borrows under concrete foundations of homes and other buildings. This can cause earth voids underneath concrete slabs allowing the foundation to settle and crack. Armadillos can carry diseases such as Leprosy which can be transmitted to humans. Excluding Armadillos from areas around your property is labor intensive and costly but can be done. If you are finding borrows dug next to your home or lots of small dig holes in your lawn then you probably have one or more armadillos visiting at night. If you think you may have one of these digging machines destroying your yard call us today for a free inspection.

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