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01/22/2015 Facebook Review

We had squirrels in our attic and called David at Webbcon get rid of them for us. He was prompt, professional and thorough. Very satisfied and will call him again for all of our unwanted wildlife!

04/07/2015 Facebook Review

Was at my home in minutes. Very good customer service!! thank you!

12/05/2014 Google+ Review

I have not had to call on Webcon yet but I do know David and he will get the job done and do it right, He is a great guy and great family man and if I ever need him I know all I have to do is call and he will be here ASAP,

12/13/2014 Google+ Review

Was really beside myself when I discovered I had a bat flying around my house. Called the Sheriff’s Office in Fayette County and they gave me David’s number. Called him and he came right out and took care of my scary pest situation. Thanks again and a big shout out to WEBBCON Pest Control!

11/30/2014 Google+ Review

David removed the squirrels from my attic effectively and quickly. I am very pleased with the service he provided! Five Stars!

11/18/2014 Google+ Review

I had squirrels in my attic that were already chewing into my electrical wires… David did a great job of capturing them and removing them. He then repaired their entrance place where others could not get in as well. David is just really nice all round person and I had no worries about him being in my home. He was professional, on time, effective and was very reasonable. I was fortunate to be able to find him when I had that problem.. I highly recommend him to anyone who needs pest control or to have varmints removed.

11/23/2014 Google+ Review

I called Webbcon because Armadillos were tearing up my yard. David came the next day and put out traps. My yard has since been Armadillo free. Because of the good service and reasonable pricing I have hired Webbcon to take care of my annual pest control service and have recommended them to family and friends. Its good to know of a company that can and does take care of these type of issues in such a timely matter and are genuinely concerned about solving your problem.

09/01/2014 Facebook Review

Great service! It feels amazing to be armadillo free!

09/17/2014 Facebook Review

Thank you for taking care of our Yellow Jacket issue!!! Excellent job and much appreciated!!!

06/19/2012 Kudzu Review

I called Webbcon because we heard an animal in our attic. The technician arrived within an hour and immediately determined it was a raccoon and how he was entering the attic. I was surprised at how knowledgeable the technician was. Webbcon placed traps and within a day, had the little guy caught. The technician took the time to educate us on methods for animals to make entry and what things we should be careful of (one tree next to our house offered direct access to the roof). The technician sealed up the area he was entering from. The service was excellent, the technician was friendly and knowledgeable and equally importantly, he made us feel comfortable again in our own home. We would definetly use Webbcon again should the need arise.

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